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Leverage Our Uniquely-Focused Approach

Ask anyone on the Formah Brazilian Beauty Center team, and they will tell you the secret to our revolutionary body contouring franchise is the way our specialized services are provided.
It’s a customized, personal approach that makes all the difference, with services that have been provided to more than 30,000 clients in an incredibly time-efficient way.

What Makes Formah Brazilian Beauty Center Special?

Formah Brazilian Beauty Center is a body contouring center where creating a beautiful body means instilling confidence, self-esteem, and joy. We see beauty reimagined – inside and out.

As a Formah Brazilian Beauty Center body contouring franchise owner, you and your staff can provide:

Body contouring & fat reduction – our most popular services!
Booty lifts
Stretch mark reduction
Cellulite reduction
Lymphatic drainage
Skin tightening
Facial treatments
CryoSlimming and microneedling

Body detox

Post-surgery treatments (non-medical)

…and more!

With membership options, free consultations before each visit, and customizable treatment plans, your clients will return for the best results, in an incredibly supportive environment. Plus, your customers will appreciate the efficiency of each visit, a welcome aspect of their overall health and wellness routine.

We treat body and soul

“When we think about our business, we see beauty is deeper; it’s confidence and self-esteem. We touch souls and hearts, it’s not only about the body.”

— Formah Brazilian Beauty Center Founder, Henrique Chimenes de Melo.

Take Pride in Your Body Contouring Franchise

Imagine 1,400 to 2,400 square feet of sleek, modern space with five or more treatment rooms, and a welcoming supportive vibe, with services conveniently available to customers throughout the week. We will guide you as you select and transform your location into the next Formah Brazilian Beauty Center.

Are you ready to bring a new and exciting health and wellness concept to your area?

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